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Oksana Tsyhankova “We have built MEGA to enhance the player experience”

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Oksana Tsyhankkova, interview

We catch up with Soft2Bet CMO Oksana Tsyhankova who walks us through the company’s Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) gamification engine and how the solution has driven high player engagement and enhanced activity, loyalty, and low churn levels for partner businesses. The goal has been to give the industry a truly innovative product that is combined with a strong tech delivery and enables companies to differentiate their offer and stand out from the crowd. Read more about MEGA in our full conversation with Tsyhankova below.

Q: Soft2Bet has had a really fantastic year in 2023. You saw a 46% jump in gross revenue across your B2B and B2C verticals. What has prompted this strong growth?

The growth we have recorded over the past year is a reflection of the strength of our sports betting and casino products in both our B2C and B2B activities.

Our focus on creating quality content through our Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) gamification engine drives high player engagement and leads to enhanced activity, loyalty and low churn levels.

This product excellence is supported by highly effective marketing. Being performance-driven, our team implements targeted campaigns and addresses players with highly effective personalised messaging.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about your Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) solution, which seems to be behind much of this newfound success?

MEGA creates engagement through gamified content such as leaderboards, competitions and player interactions. The players enjoy the features because they enhance their game experience and the value and traffic we drive from them is of the highest quality, because it is not just bonus-led or reliant on big promotions that drive mainly bonus hunters who have little interest in MEGA content.

The numbers speak for themselves. Betinia is our market-leading brand in Denmark and in the past year MEGA has driven:

  • +65% increase in GGR, with 60% of players taking up MEGA features,
  • 50% of the players have deposited larger amounts and the frequency of deposits is 30% higher than previously,
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) has grown by more than 70%,
  • Screen time from players who use MEGA is four times (4x) higher,
  • This has led to Soft2Bet recording GGR growth of +46% and EBITDA growth of 22% in the past 12 months.

Q: What has motivated you to lean so heavily on MEGA? Did you know it was going to be a success from the start?

There is always an element of trial and error in any project that launches a new feature or way of operating, but as a group Soft2Bet’s founders knew that the iGaming industry was ready for a truly innovative product.

MEGA was the genesis of this vision and, importantly, we focused on delivering it through a state-of-the-art platform that moves away from the legacy technology that is still so present among other suppliers or operators.

Combining a high-quality product with strong tech delivery has given Soft2Bet the ability to truly differentiate its offering and stand out from the rest of the field.

Q: How do you think MEGA is going to evolve in 2024 in terms of personalization and engagement? Are you going to replicate the same formula from last year, or do you have something new in mind?

We are working on a number of new features that will continue to improve the product, but as a company with a strong track record in online casino, one of our strategic goals is also to develop our sportsbook activities.

Our sports betting divisions enjoyed a strong year of growth in 2023 and we have some data on the positive impact MEGA has had on them. But we are also focused on seeing how much more it can produce for us in that space, so one of the aims will be to continue to tailor it to sports wagering, ensuring the UI and UX are optimal and bettors can benefit fully from MEGA within the sports betting vertical.

Q: What are your main objectives for 2024?

Our main goals are to continue to grow our revenues and regulatory footprint and leverage the tech expertise we have in our teams to produce the strongest product suite in the iGaming industry.

We will also be growing our B2B activities through a strategic road map that will enable fast onboarding and speed to market in the world’s leading regulated jurisdictions. The forthcoming year will be very busy and we’re all hugely excited at what it will bring!

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18 Apr 2024
5 min. read
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