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Macau police officer accused of accepting bribes to warn casino operator of police action

08 Mar 2022
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Macau police officer
Macau's Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has plugged a leak. The anti-corruption watchdog revealed that a Deputy Sergeant from the Public Security Police Force's (CPSP, for its Chinese acronym) Traffic Department in the city is suspected of accepting bribes from a VIP gaming room owner in return for confidential information.

The CCAC revealed that it had received a report claiming that the CPSP deputy sergeant in question had leaked information to a gaming room owner. In return, the individual offered accommodation in luxury suites to the deputy sergeant and his wife.

Following an inquiry, the CCAC discovered that the deputy sergeant was very closely associated with some people involved in VIP gaming rooms. He visited these rooms numerous times in violation of the law. The CCAC said that he allegedly gave information about police activity and was given benefits such as money or free accommodation.

After an investigation, a large amount of cash and some communications equipment and documents were seized from the residence of the deputy sergeant. Mobile phones, documents, and computers related to this case were also seized.

The case was transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office MP for further investigation. A Court of Criminal Instruction judge approved that coercive actions would be taken against the police officer and his wife, including periodic presentation and guarantee.

The deputy sergeant is suspected of committing abuses of power and passive corruption to perform illicit acts. Meanwhile, the VIP gaming room owner is suspected of engaging in active bribery, which can result in sentences of one to eight years imprisonment.

The gaming room wasn't mentioned by name. However, most VIP rooms in Macau are operated by junkets and third-party satellite operators. Both have already come under fire by legislators in Macau, and this issue will only further enhance the city's actions against them.

Junket operators have almost all been completely removed from Macau. Satellite operators, those operating a gaming room through a sub-concession of a primary licensee, will soon be eliminated, as well. According to Macau's new draft gambling law, if approved, satellite casino operators will be prohibited. They will have three years to complete an arrangement with the primary licensee to turn over control of their gaming operations.

Last year, Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak disclosed that 17 officers from the police force were detained and probed for illegal access to information. This included three PJ officers as well as 14 Public Security Police Force officers.

08 Mar 2022
3 min. read