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DAZN inks groundbreaking deal with the Professional Fighters League

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DAZN, the leading sports entertainment business, announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the fastest-growing and innovative sports league, the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The duo unveiled Thursday they agreed to create a new joint venture called PFL Europe. The joint venture is expected to launch at some point next year, and according to the PFL will be the "first regional league ever from a global provider of MMA."

In addition, DAZN and the PFL unveiled a multi-year media rights partnership. Under this agreement, DAZN gained exclusive rights for all PFL global events in multiple markets in Europe and around the world. Overall, DAZN became the exclusive home of PFL events in 53 markets around the globe including strategic countries such as Ireland, the UK and Spain.

Shay Segev, DAZN's Group CEO, commented in a statement released on October 20, 2022. He said: "DAZN is fast becoming the preferred partner for rights holders for the simple reason that we can provide a truly global solution, access to fanbases across the world." Segev pointed out that the company already proved its success in helping sports grow exponentially through investment.

"We are also more agile and innovative than traditional broadcasters and, like the PFL, we want to stay relevant to today's consumer," he added. In conclusion, Segev explained that DAZN offers interactive entertainment for sports fans which includes "greater gamification and bolt-on products and services" but also supports traditional broadcasting.

On the other hand, PFL's CEO, Peter Murray, also shared his excitement. He revealed: "PFL Europe is the beginning of the Champions League of MMA from PFL." Murray added that the new deal with DAZN brings excitement for the PFL. At the same time, he deemed the collaboration as strategic, considering that DAZN gained the media rights for distribution for all fight franchises including the PFL Challenger Series, PFL Europe, PFL PPV Super Fight Division and PFL Global League.

Currently, the PFL is the only MMA league that offers a comprehensive format including Regular Season, Playoffs and Championship fights. As the first such league, PFL gathers the best fighters from all over the globe who compete in different divisions.

To get pass the Regular Season, fighters need to earn points, which allow them to enter the Playoffs. The format of the Playoffs is win-or-go-home and prepares the fighters for the PFL World Championship. The World Championship is currently known as the biggest MMA event within the sport. Each time a fighter wins the prestigious event they collect a hefty $1 million prize.

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21 Oct 2022
3 min. read
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The new partnership will undoubtedly bring unique experiences for sports fans. Are you a fan of MMA?