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Why the gambling world needs a global self-exclusion scheme At Casino Guru, we think that the currently available responsible gambling tools offered by online casinos do not create an effective barrier between struggling players and opportunities to gamble online. Here are some reasons why:
Present self-exclusion options can be avoided

Casino-level and nation-wide self-exclusion do not create an effective barrier that stops problem gamblers from playing. Players can avoid them by gambling at other sites, or even opting for unlicensed casinos and ending up playing at objectively worse gambling.

Regulators and operators do not work together on a global level

National schemes do not work together on a global level or let foreign casinos take part. Even if they wanted to, the rigid rules individual entities have to follow do not allow them to team up to better protect players.

Our vision

Here is what we envision the future of the gambling world containing a global self-exclusion system could look like.

Easy self-exclusion from all online casinos at once

Players have the option to self-exclude from all online casinos in a simple and quick way, allowing them to stop gambling altogether if they choose to do so.

New industry standard for player protection

Participating in a readily available, global self-exclusion solution is a new industry standard of the protection of vulnerable players.

"Enforced" by reputation

Casinos that do not participate suffer a bad reputation for seemingly not caring about player protection and are considered subpar by players, other operators, regulators, as well as the general public.

Safeguarded by an independent organization

The global self-exclusion system is governed and looked after an independent organization, to make sure it remains impartial and unaffected by the agenda of any individual party.

Be part of the solution

We will definitely not be able to achieve all of this alone. We hope to capture the attention of operators, regulators, and other involved parties, and get things moving towards a common goal of reducing the negative effects of gambling on people’s lives.

If you want to get involved and take part in the discussion, or just to learn more about what we want to achieve, please do reach out to us. Let’s make online gambling safer for everyone, together.

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Knowledge base

Learn about self-exclusion and responsible gambling in general, with the focus on current implementations, best practices, and regulations.
19 Mar 2021 11:07 What Is Self-Exclusion and Why Is It Important? Learn about self-exclusion as a responsible gambling tool available to casino players, as well as its importance in reducing gambling-related harm.
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13 Apr 2021 12:17 Overview of Self-Exclusion Regulations around The World A look at 10 of the world’s most important gambling regulators and their approach to regulating self-exclusion.
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March 2021
Launch of the initiative
Casino Guru has launched the initiative aimed at creating a global self-exclusion system to increase player protection worldwide. Current self-exclusion methods are not sufficient, and it is the goal of this endeavor to make online gambling safer.
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First half of 2021
Increasing awareness and collecting feedback from industry professionals
Working towards such an ambitious goal requires cooperation across multiple layers of the industry. We will start by increasing the awareness of the issue and collecting feedback from members of the online gambling market.
Second half of 2021
Looking for partners and opening detailed discussions
After collecting the initial feedback, we plan to continue by teaming up with subjects that are in favor of the initiative and willing to participate in creating a solution in the form of a working global self-exclusion system.
Closer cooperation with partners, working towards a specific solution
We hope that, with the help of partners we get on board in the previous steps, the initiative will grow to a level that will enable the creation of an applicable and functional solution to the issue of lackluster self-exclusion tools available to players.

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