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SOFTSWISS: "We recognize the uniqueness of each player"

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SOFTSWISS x Casino Guru Awards

Nominated for the upcoming Casino Guru Awards in the Most Ethical Approach to Marketing category, we sit down with SOFTSWISS to discuss how the company achieves an uncompromising approach to marketing standards. Players are central to the experience and product development, SOFTSWISS Head of Managed Services Artyom Rudakov shares, as he ventures to explore the comprehensive process behind ethical marketing and how each player, the safety of their data, and specific preferences, all paint a picture of the future of marketing in iGaming. A future that has already arrived with SOFTSWISS, the company argues.

Q: The SOFTSWISS Managed Services solution was shortlisted at the Casino Guru Awards in the Most Ethical Approach to Marketing category. Could you provide insights into the functions and responsibilities of the department that allow you to qualify for this award?

A player comes first in the iGaming industry. The SOFTSWISS Managed Services stands out for its communications and commitment to responsible gambling practices. At SOFTSWISS, we believe that online gambling should always be about fostering a player-centric environment. The VIP Player Support, Player Retention and Player Reactivation teams within Managed Services directly communicate with players, showcasing SOFTSWISS’ transparency, truthfulness, and player care.

SOFTSWISS Managed Services function as a bridge between operators and their players, delivering essential services encompassing First Line Support, VIP Player Support, Player Retention and Reactivation, as well as Content Management and Anti-Fraud Support. They are not just integral to managing day-to-day operations and marketing activity but also for spotting technical errors and providing fraud protection for iGaming businesses. This comprehensive suite of services optimises casino operations, ensuring a frictionless gaming experience for all involved.

Our Managed Services product stands out by not only growing our clients' iGaming brand but also prioritising the protection of player data and ensuring player well-being. Our teams make sure that all operational and marketing activities comply with licensing requirements and industry standards and respect players without being invasive.

Q: How does SOFTSWISS actively implement and uphold the Responsible Gambling principles you've mentioned in its workflows?

Our Managed Services clearly illustrate SOFTSWISS’ commitment to Responsible Gambling policies, showing the company’s ethos regarding putting the player first. Drawing upon vast expertise, specialists in VIP Player Support, Player Reactivation and Player Retention meticulously analyse each challenging case, offering operators and their clients thoughtful consultations. The accurate work of these reliable specialists ensures player satisfaction and enhances clients' financial performance, fostering their brand success.

The efforts of the VIP Player Support, Player Retention and Player Reactivation teams helped clients grow, improve their services, and offer a better experience to players. On the one hand, they ensure compliance with casino licence requirements, GDPR rules and Responsible Gambling principles. On the other hand, they follow the company's ethical philosophy of treating each player personally, respecting their preferences and choices, and not being invasive or aggressive in communication or when offering promotions and offers.

Our teams have achieved outstanding performance across key metrics by aligning with the interests and preferences of our clients. This includes consistent expansion of the VIP player base, maintaining the unsubscribe rate of 1% from our Retention Team's marketing emails, and demonstrating a 30% increase in the usage rate of special offers from the Reactivation Team over the past year. These results underscore our keen sense of our audience's interests.

Q: Could you provide details regarding the specific aspects of your interaction with players?

Recognising the uniqueness of each player, we consistently personalise communication by allowing clients to choose their preferred interaction mode. Our email newsletters, based on data and experience, cater to diverse player interests.

At registration, SOFTSWISS gives players the flexibility to choose how they wish to be contacted, if at all, enabling our teams to engage exclusively with those who consent to marketing communications.

We adhere to licensing requirements and industry standards by implementing responsible gaming measures, including limits on deposits, losses, wagers, and session durations. Players are offered options for self-regulation, such as cooling-off periods and self-exclusion, with the latter automatically excluding them from marketing communications.

The SOFTSWISS team is committed to ensuring players engage in gaming practices that prioritise their well-being.

Q: How do you improve your approaches to interaction with players and evolve the services you present?

To elevate our engagement with players and enhance our services, we prioritise continuous development and improvement of our team's competencies through regular training sessions and certifications. We stay updated on regulatory changes and the strategies of our partners and competitors by closely monitoring industry publications and actively participating in events, expos, and conferences within our sector.

In particular, SOFTSWISS is going to join SBC Summit Rio, scheduled for 5-7 March. SBC Summit Rio is the first industry event since the introduction of new regulatory changes in Brazil, marking a key moment in the nation’s iGaming sector. Everyone interested can book a meeting with SOFTSWISS experts at stand D360 through the official website.

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19 Feb 2024
5 min. read
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