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RocketPlay Casino: “Our commitment to RG is not a regulatory requirement but an ethical obligation”

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RocketPlay Casino is competing across a number of categories, including The Best Implementation of RG Tools, The Most Effective Handling of Complaints, and The Most Ethical Approach to Marketing at the upcoming Casino Guru Awards. We discuss what drives RocketPlay to try and excel across all of these categories, and what the ultimate benefit for players and its business is. RocketPlay walks us through the intricate processes that it has set up to ensure that it offers a level playing field for all, and that it provides consumers with fair terms across the board.

Q:As an operator, RocketPlay Casino is particularly well-positioned to implement responsible gambling tools that are impactful. Let's start there, how do you measure the impact of an RG tool or precautionary measures you introduce?

In RocketPlay the implementation of responsible gaming (RG) tools is of crucial importance as it creates a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for players. The impact of these tools is pivotal, and we use various indicators and strategies to measure their effectiveness:

Usage Statistics: We closely monitor how our players use RG tools, tracking the frequency and duration of self-set limits, like deposit limits, loss limits, and session limits.

Player Feedback: Surveying our players is essential. We collect their opinions to understand how well our RG tools meet their needs and expectations. Positive feedback indicates that the tools are convenient and effective.

Incident Reports: Analyzing reports related to problematic gaming behavior helps us identify areas for improvement. If players face difficulties with RG tools or seek help, we address these issues promptly.

Impact on Player Behavior: We assess whether the implementation of RG tools leads to positive changes in player behavior. For example, an increase in self-exclusions or cooling-off periods indicates that players are actively using these preventive measures and benefiting from them.

Continuous Development: RG tools evolve according to new research and technology. We regularly review and update our tools to reflect advancements in responsible gaming, ensuring that our protective measures remain effective and up-to-date.

Comparative Analysis: Comparing our RG tools with industry standards and the effectiveness of tools from other casinos helps us evaluate our work and identify areas where we can excel or improve.

By combining these elements, we aim to create a responsible gaming environment that prioritizes the well-being of our players in RocketPlay Casino.

Q: Do you find value in combining ethical messages in your marketing campaigns that specifically draw attention to the importance of responsible gambling and can you give us potent examples of that?

Certainly, incorporating ethical messages into marketing campaigns that emphasize the importance of responsible gaming is not only valuable, but also an integral part of creating a safe environment for players. We strive to frequently remind players about responsible gaming in our communications.

We use transparent communication and include messages like "Play Responsibly" or "Know Your Limits" in our advertising content. Based on analytics, we can also identify specific segments of people and promote responsible gaming tools to them in marketing materials.

For example, we showcase features such as deposit limits and self-exclusion options. Additionally, we integrate responsible gaming messages into our regular interactions with players. We remind them of the available tools and encourage them to review their gaming habits.

Q: Does it make it hard for you as a business to have an objective opinion of what constitutes a good/ethical RG practice when trying to help players access tools that may protect them from harm, and how do you overcome this - even if just a doubt?

We understand the importance of responsible gaming (RG) practices and the potential challenges associated with balancing corporate interests and player welfare. But in our case, it's simple. Our priority is to create a platform where players can experience the emotions they came for without harming their well-being. That's why we sometimes place RG practices above corporate interests, as it's the right and fair thing to do for the player.

Regarding objectivity, we implement regulated guidelines and policies aimed at protecting their interests. These regulations are very clear and leave no room for "emotional involvement". We monitor problematic behavior, repetitions of "keywords", or a set of actions, and then take action. We offer self-exclusion, watch for 24 hours, and if the situation doesn’t improve - account blocking and further analysis. It's almost a mathematical model.

Ultimately, our commitment to responsible gaming is not just a regulatory requirement but also a moral and ethical obligation. By creating a culture of responsibility within our business, we strive to create a gaming environment where players come for positive emotions.

Q: We have heard many calls for the industry to be more "transparent," but what does this mean? Is it a straight-up statement that "the house always wins," or do we mean something else? How does RocketPlay define transparency?

In RocketPlay we tend to think the calls for greater transparency are rooted in the desire of players for clear "game rules" from projects. For us, transparency involves several factors. The most important is transparent Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). They should be easily accessible on the website, so players can quickly find and read the necessary information. They should be written in simple language, without complex terms, or unambiguous phrases; be clear and divided into points.

Also, Bonus T&Cs are very important. People like bonuses, and in our experience, they want to see all the conditions they receive bonuses. A mandatory checklist for us includes the number of spins, which bet, what wager, win limit, time for wagering, and when the gift expires. The latter can be viewed in our terms, or on the bonus card. No hidden conditions - everything is clear and transparent.

These rules also apply to finances, bets, and the gaming process. Players should have the opportunity to get all the information in their account or upon request.

"Transparency" is about the clarity of conditions and the fulfilment of obligations. Calls to "become transparent" are more likely interpreted as "give us open terms and conditions and an understanding of how it works."

Q: Are RG tools good for business, and how has RocketPlay been impacted by your commitment to introducing and offering a stronger set of such tools?

Yes, responsible gaming (RG) tools are a crucial part of our business, and we give them high priority. Implementing a stronger set of these tools is part of our commitment to providing a safe platform for players. These tools are not just about care, but also about the positive impact on our business. They strengthen players' trust in our platform, creating a sustainable and positive reputation. Moreover, these are tools for compliance with laws and regulations in the gambling industry. Our commitment to responsible gaming is a part of our strategy for long-term success. We aim to maintain our reputation as a fair and transparent casino.

Q: Can operators be good mediators when players raise complaints? A common origin of many complaints is a misunderstanding of the terms. How does RocketPlay handle those delicate situations when you realize that a player must have made a genuine mistake?

Operators have to be good intermediaries when it comes to complaints. It's essential to examine each situation, looking into all the nuances to understand how and why a problem occurred. We strive to minimize the possibility of misunderstandings by clearly and simply outlining terms. However, if a player makes a mistake due to a misunderstanding, we will meticulously analyze the situation and most likely accommodate the player.

Q: Many businesses have set out to eliminate gambling harm from their revenue streams. Why do you think RocketPlay succeeds and where are the lapses that you feel you can address?

As for the lapses, if we don't do anything, we won't make mistakes. But we've been in the market for quite some time now, and we've had our share of slip-ups where the system malfunctioned. These could have been due to various reasons, including human factors. But we've always conducted thorough analyses and addressed these gaps at all levels: changing systems, algorithms, and managers. Now, we can confidently say that we are one of those companies that prefer fair play in the long run. And fair play is only possible when the potential to harm the player is eliminated.

Q: Has the award of the Casino Guru Awards made you more aware of the importance of implementing RG tools and raising ethical standards as part of your core business model and do you think improvements were made because of this format?

Absolutely. Participating in awards like the Casino Guru Awards motivates us to review and improve our processes. We've been participating for the second year now, and during this time, we've significantly strengthened our standards regarding responsible gaming. It's fundamentally understood that ethical standards must be the foundation, but being involved in such nominations encourages us to pay attention to details, be proactive, and keep improving.

Q: What has motivated you to sign up for the format, and what do you hope to gain as a result of your participation and potentially winning the awards?

For us, it is important to be a part of the professional community, hence we take part in such events. We hope to gain experience from participating and test our mettle against the best players in the market. And, of course, we strive to improve because each evaluation session reveals areas for development.

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31 Jan 2024
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