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UKGC launches new reporting service to guarantee anonymity

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The UK Gambling Commission has launched a new anonymous service that will allow consumers to engage with the regulator and report activity that they find suspicious or are worried may be tied to a crime. The aptly named "Tell us something in confidence service" wants to ensure that the UKGC remains engaged with consumers and can react to irregularities in the market.

The Commission has come under a lot of fire over the past years with firebrand calls for its shuttering and establishing a new regulatory body in its stead. Yet, the regulator has gone above and beyond to ensure that it keeps its hand on the pulse of the industry, passing a number of changes, and delivering enforcement actions aligned with its mandate and industry-wide rules.

The new service is just another step in this direction, and it will allow consumers and anyone with sufficient information to notify the regulation about suspected money laundering, unlicensed gambling or criminal activity, underage gambling, match fixing or integrity issues, or any other type of activity that may be rising a red flag with the people who raise the matter.

The new service also allows the people submitting the signal to also use supporting evidence by uploading photos or documentation directly via email or post.

All of the signals will be taken into serious consideration and compared to the Gambling Act 2005 to establish if they are a crime. The service is completely anonymous guaranteeing the safety of the people who place signals.

The UKGC has been very active recently, with the regulator also outlining a new method of data collection, which the regulator hopes will allow it to better analyze core trends in gambling in the United Kingdom. Speaking of reports, the regulator has also noted that gambling among young people in the country has been declining.

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05 Dec 2023
2 min. read
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