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SportsGrid confirms launch of first direct-to-consumer betting app

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The multimedia content and technology company delivering innovative digital solutions that help connect gaming and sports content, SportsGrid, announced the launch of its first direct-to-consumer mobile app. The new app, lauded as "best-in-class," offers unique advantages for bettors and sports fans by delivering news, statistics, real-time data odds, player projections and other vital information.

Ultimately, the new app seeks to empower sports bettors and help them improve the predictions they make by delivering a wide range of data. The new companion app, SportsGrid explained, is designed to deliver extensive data for sports fans, fantasy sports users and bettors.

Tapping into this data, users can gain a unique insight into analytics not only for professional leagues but for collegiate sports as well and leverage it to their advantage. "The SportsGrid app is generally available to download both in the US and Canada and can be found in the Apple App store," a statement released by SportsGrid on April 13, 2023, reveals.

Alex Levine, SportsGrid's VP and Head of Product, shared his excitement about the recent announcement saying: "Our company objective with the app is to widen the SportsGrid ecosystem by providing curated sports betting insights and real-time data and analysis in a way that complements the value our network is already bringing to our millions of viewers." Finally, Levine pointed out: "The app is a second screen option to stay engaged with SportsGrid content and insightful expert commentary to make an informed bet."

The multimedia content and technology company explained that the new app delivers unique experiences that combine its live and on-demand video content with actionable analytics and data. This helps keep sports fans and bettors up to date and pushes them to use an analytic approach. In turn, leveraging data and insights can also help bettors better predict their wagers.

SportsGrid's new companion app stands out with personalization options. Users can benefit from different customizations of the interface, while the app itself is also easy to use. "Millions of SportsGrid streaming viewers can now utilize the app's deep dataset to compare stats and betting trends among team and player daily matchups," explained the company.

Users of the new app can view model picks and projections from SportsGrid for any game, allowing them to analyze the performance of different teams. Moreover, bettors and sports fans can access commentaries from hosts for specific games. Then, the users can leverage the aforementioned features to make informed decisions and better understand the odds whenever placing a wager.

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14 Apr 2023
3 min. read
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