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Danish gambling regulator calls for more detailed data reporting

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The Danish Gambling Authority is going to expect operators and gambling sites to report their data regarding aspects of their business and customer interactions in a more detailed form starting next year at the latest.

This will allow the watchdog to make better-informed strategic decisions about the future of the industry, and consumer protection, based on the new data it seeks to obtain.

Danish gambling data to help guide policy

Presently, the watchdog has opened a consultation period that will close on Monday, June 10, 2024, with operators able to submit their input on data reporting requirements for both the betting and online casino categories.

The Danish Gambling Authority expects operators to familiarize themselves with the proposed changes, outlined by the watchdog, and provide input.

Once the consultation period is over, the regulator has said it would seek to implement and enforce the rules starting in 2025, although a final date has not yet been set.

The new reporting rules are many, and they vary from different wording of existing rules to the introduction of new ones.

Once the rules are implemented, the Danish Gambling Authority will expect all fixed odds bets to be reported as separate transactions, one of the measures explains.

Companies are also required to record all wins, losses, placed bets, and cancellations from players under two categories – transactions and winnings. Parlays bets are paid extra attention, the regulator explains on its website, with such wagers reported as a separate transaction.

The move essentially seeks to create a granular form of reporting that is very specific and could flummox businesses at first blush, which is why the regulator is leaving a fair adaptation period.

Danish land-based casinos to tighten reporting

One significant change is that in the new version of the rules that gambling operators would have to follow, land-based casinos in Denmark will also have to provide the regulator with player identification information.

This change is necessitated because of the introduction of compulsory player identification, which is at odds with the rule not to report such data. Hence the decision to scrap the old rule.

The Danish Gambling Authority will also be looking into jackpot reporting data, and take a look at game results, tests, and overall fairness.

Danish gambling market cools down in April

These new reporting rules come against a slight dip in gambling numbers in April 2024, when the total gaming consumption across online casinos, betting operators, and land-based slot machines decreased by 6.9% to DKK595m.

The only segment to actually notch up a small 6% gain was online casinos, but other verticals still contracted by a margin that drove the total results down.

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30 May 2024
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