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CasinoBeats Summit celebrates success of 2024 edition

EVENTS03 Jun 2024
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CasinoBeats Summit 2024 event speaker

The CasinoBeats Summit had much to celebrate as part of its latest edition held in Malta.

The SBC-hosted event managed to reunite 4,500 key decision makers, stakeholders and industry insiders from the gambling industry during the May 21-23 gathering in the Mediterranean country, once again confirming the event’s pre-eminence in the industry, its significance, and what it stands for.

In the wake of the three-day gabfest, industry insiders have shared their impressions of the event and what some of the main takeaways for them were. Entain Director of Bingo & Community Gary Keaney said that CasinoBeats Summit 2024 had a fantastic agenda that delved into various aspects of the gambling experience.

White Label Casinos Head of Casino and Affiliates Sasha Boerma said that she had been tempted by the event’s phenomenal growth and the impossibility of just ignoring it. John "Doom" Romero was similarly effusive about the opportunity to be a part of the events that took place in Malta last month and hailed the gathering’s significance.

GamingMalta CEO Ivan Filletti hailed CasinoBeats Summit as instrumental to further consolidating the country’s status as the Silicon Valley for iGaming pointing to the local ecosystem of gambling companies that has chosen the island country as its home.

This has been the sixth iteration of the gathering, which saw an almost even split between affiliates and operators in terms of attendees. Yet, scale has not been the only motivator for many of the bigwigs showing up for the gathering.

Rather, argues Rhino Entertainment CEO Ross Parkhill, CasinoBeats Summit has demonstrated a commitment to tackling and addressing some of the industry’s biggest issues and questions.

SBC Events has purposefully sought to create a format that not only excites interest, but also adds substance, Parkhill said confidently. There is a real value for companies as well, as noted by Logifuture Head of Commercial Tero Vienonen who praised CasinoBeats Summit for the event’s wide network of opportunities when it comes to striking and establishing business rapport with other industry counterparts.

Tornado Games representative Julia Weygandt was more impressed with SBC’s clear commitment to actively promote tenets of inclusivity and equal opportunities through the Women in Gaming breakfast and other related initiatives squarely focused on sending a message that the industry is a meritocracy where tribalism and hackneyed perceptions about the workforce will simply not cut it.

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03 Jun 2024
3 min. read
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