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Play’n Go Stuart Trigwell: “Our classic games top regulated markets, and US is next”

INTERVIEWS 12 Aug 2022
5 min. read

Stuart Trigwell's Play'n Go.

Today we sit down with Stuart Trigwell, Play’n Go Head of Sales Western Europe, who has helped us appreciate the company’s most recent successes, given us some pointers as to what to look forward to next, and explained how Play’n Go remains at the forefront of what it does. New market entries, a growing workforce, and building great experiences are all part of the company’s distinct qualities that make it an industry stakeholder that sets its own benchmarks of excellence. Trigwell presides over the company's US expansion bringing 10 years of industry-relevant experience with himself.

Q: Play'n GO has been driving growth in a number of new markets. Can you tell us a bit more about your launch in Michigan and what it means for your broader implications for the North American market?

It was great to secure our license to supply content in Michigan, and we look forward to going live with a number operators very soon indeed. Michigan is a very important market in iGaming in the US, and in many ways is a real leader by showing other states the kinds of levels of tax revenue that could be raised from launching regulated iGaming.

Play’n GO has the most popular slot game in the world in Book of Dead, and another five or six classic titles that are always in the top 10 in most regulated markets – and that’s before we talk about our new releases and the rest of our portfolio.

These games haven’t hit the North American market yet. But they will soon, and when they do I expect they will have a very positive impact with US players.

Q: Speaking of North America and Ontario in particular, what's Play'n GO's outlook for Canada? Do you see too much competition formed there or is it just the right amount?

We are confident in our titles, the way we deliver our content, and how we support our partners. We welcome all competition.

Ontario is a bit of an enigma for many as they haven’t yet released any official data since the market opened in April, but I can tell you that we’re doing very well – better than expected in fact.I think the considered approach Ontario has had around advertising and promotional rules has ensured a level playing field from which we’re more than holding our own.

Q: Your expansion has not slowed down the manufacturing process at Play'n GO with plenty of new titles to try. Can you tell us how your titles translate into commercial success and whether you foresee big changes in the way you develop games as you expand your geographical reach?

Play’n GO has been making casino games for mobiles since before the iPhone existed. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or change a winning formula.

We believe a good game is a good game – and that crosses borders. Sure, Players are different in their preferences from one market to another, but they always want to have fun and be entertained.

Play’n GO games have entertainment infused into their core and we’ve seen from regulated markets all over the world that when players have a great experience with a game, they return to it. Operators have picked up on this, of course, and those who go all-in with Play’n GO tend to be the most successful ones in their jurisdictions. We don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Q: With Play'n GO involved in so many markets now, how do you manage to keep track of it all, and where does your immediate priority lie?

That’s simple – our priorities are two-fold; to keep delivering the best games in the industry week in week out and to help our operator partners be as successful as they can be.

We are continuing to grow as a company to support our new market entries and new customers, with over 650 people part of the team now. This growth is set to continue. It’s an exciting time at Play’n GO

Image credit: Play'n GO

12 Aug 2022
5 min. read
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