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Spillemyndigheden imposes fine over advertising of illegal gambling

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Currently, gambling activities are strictly regulated in Denmark. The country's gambling regulator, Spillemyndigheden, ensures that licensed operators comply with the established regulatory framework. At the same time, the gambling watchdog closely monitors the market and takes action against operators that offer their services to Danish customers illegally. Offering online gambling services without a license is against the law in the European country.

Similarly, the promotion of illegal gambling operators is also prohibited. This is precisely the reason why an individual received a hefty fine proposed by Spillemyndigheden. Details regarding the fine emerged earlier this week with the gambling regulator confirming that it uncovered a person that advertised unlicensed game providers.

An investigation by Spillemyndigheden uncovered that the same person was behind two websites that accepted Danish customers who have been registered with ROFUS, the country's list of people voluntarily excluded from gambling activities. "The person in question has been behind two websites that very specifically referred to websites where you could play, even if you are registered in ROFUS," explains a statement released by the gambling regulator.

The regulatory watchdog explained that only operators who hold a license in Denmark can be advertised. Moreover, it said that advertising or targeting Danish players without permission is against the law. Subsequently, Spillemyndigheden passed the case to the police authorities.

Considering the investigation of the gambling regulator, the case was reported to the police which determined the person breached the country's laws. As a result of the breach, a fine of DKK 50,000 ($7,300) was imposed for each website, making the total penalty DKK 100,000 ($14,600). The size of the fine was recommended by Spillemyndigheden.

Details regarding the new fine come after last month, CreedRoomz, the provider of high-quality live casino solutions, confirmed it secured a license for live casino games in Denmark. At the time, the company acknowledged this as a milestone achievement that boosts its European footprint and allows it to engage with new audiences. The aforementioned license was awarded to CreedRoomz by the Danish gambling regulator, effectively permitting the company to offer its services in the country.

Focusing once again on the recently imposed fine, Spillemyndigheden confirmed that it is the first of its kind. The recent monetary sanction marked the first time the gambling regulator uncovers a case where advertising of illegal gambling is involved and one that specifically targets players who have self-excluded from gambling by registering with ROFUS.

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01 Dec 2023
3 min. read
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