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SOFTSWISS Casino Platform celebrates 10th anniversary, enjoys growth

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The international iGaming company delivering certified software solutions for managing gambling operations, SOFTSWISS, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, the company's flagship product. Besides acknowledging the anniversary, the company pointed out key achievements for the platform in 2022 and highlighted strategic improvements and updates.

Last year, SOFTSWISS Casino Platform reported strong growth and outstanding results after seeing the launch of 57 new projects and 4.5 million active players. This achievement resonates well with the overall performance of the platform which has seen more than 400 successful projects since it was presented back in 2013.

In a statement released on March 16, 2023, SOFTSWISS Casino Platform's Head, Darya Avtukhovich, said: "The rapid expansion we have seen from our Casino Platform is a testament to the hard work that everyone has been doing since we went live 10 years ago."

She added: "This year promises to be one of the biggest years in terms of growth as we continue to develop local markets, expand our crypto offering, personalized content and implement social features." Finally, Avtukhovich pointed out that the platform seeks to boost its retention tools and at the same time expand its presence in strategic markets such as Latin America.

Citing a study, SOFTSWISS explained that its Casino Platform is well received by its clients and 86% of them admitted they are satisfied with it. A prime reason for the good performance of the platform is the innovative technology that powers it in combination with unique functions, versatility and flexibility, all of which deliver benefits for the operators.

Yuriy Mogyr, RocketPlay Casino's Chief Commercial officer, commented: "I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to SOFTSWISS for the fruitful cooperation we have. As a key client of yours, we’ve always been impressed with the quality of service you provide."

Mogyr acknowledged that the platform received updates that enabled RocketPlay Casino to keep its leadership position within a highly competitive market. Finally, the Chief Commercial officer pointed out: "SOFTSWISS has proven to be a reliable partner who is always willing to listen to and understand our needs to offer the best solutions."

As noted the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform continues to receive updates and improvements. The company explained that in 2022, the platform saw the addition of real-time tracking for casino activity in the form of a feature called Event Streaming. Further reinforcing the capabilities of partner operators, the company introduced the innovative features Team Tournaments and Bonus API. The two features help drive fan engagement, as well as customer retention and acquisition.

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17 Mar 2023
3 min. read
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