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SBC Summit North America to help build opportunities for affiliates

EVENTS25 Mar 2024
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SBC Summit North America

SBC Summit North America due to take place on May 7-9 will also pay considerable attention to the affiliate industry in the region, the challenges it faces, and the opportunities it may tap into. Brand building, content creation, and the power of big data are all part of the Affiliate & Marketing track which will be hosted on the second day of the event, May 8.

Among the important topics discussed will be such matters as the general affiliate space, online influencers and how they are impacting brands and affiliates, artificial intelligence, customer relationship management strategies, building player loyalty, and more.

There are many discussions that will be featured as part of the experience, including the "Affiliate Leaders Panel: Building Brands Through Content and Customization" panel, which will be attended by Covers Head of Marketing Andrew Garven, Catena Media ex-CEO Michael Daly, Clever Advertising COO Marcos Oliveira and Betsson head of Marketing for NA RomeSmith.

Another noteworthy panel will be the "Big Data at the Center: How Affiliates & Operators Can Make Sense of Their Customers Across Multiple Channels." The panel will feature another stardom of prominent affiliate marketing experts among which are:

  • betPARX Senior Director of Interactive Marketing Gil Bushkin
  • Caesars VP of Marketing Zachary Sold
  • Winible CMO Elizabeth Lodge
  • Google Industry Manager James Fox

More interesting panels will broach on some of the hottest and most in-demand topics in the segment right now, and specifically "It's an Influencer's World: Charting the Success of Ambassadors, Streamers and Other Social Media Stars," as the importance of influencers and streamers in the industry plays an ever more important role. The speakers here will be:

  • Slots500Club & Beyond Blackjack content creator/influencer Kelly Koffler
  • Slotaholic creator Josh Duffy
  • NJ Slot Guy content creator Jon Della Terza
  • Pricks Picks VP of Marketing Josh Margolis
  • Rivalry Head of Marketing Grant Flannery
  • iGaming CEO and Co-founder Lazzar Miucin

Not least, there is the "Affiliate Diversification: Success Strategies for the Slower Years" which will reunite another stardom of marketing leaders from some of the biggest companies in the sector, to wit MediaTroopers CEO Shmulik Segal, 888 Holdings VP of US Marketing Noam Klivitsky, and Gambling.com Group Max Bichsel.

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25 Mar 2024
3 min. read
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