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Browse the entire Casino Guru casino database and see all casinos you can choose from. If you want to leave your options open, this is the right list of casinos for you. It might take you longer to find the best option though.

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Showing casinos:  All online casinos in our database

All casinos

Browse the entire Casino Guru casino database and see all casinos you can choose from. If you want to leave your options open, this is the right list of casinos for you. It might take you longer to find the best option though.

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Midway Gaming Casino Bad casino reputation

Casino closed
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VegasPro Casino Questionable casino reputation

Casino closed
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BetAdria Casino Zombie online casino

Casino closed
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BetTend Casino Zombie online casino

Casino closed
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Cozyno Casino Very bad casino reputation

Casino closed
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CaliberBingo.com Casino Bad casino reputation

Casino closed
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Ramses Gold Casino Very bad casino reputation

Casino closed
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Latest user reviews of online casinos

Champion Casino user review

Read more
• 13 hours ago
Excellent bonus system, fast support response, withdrawal takes some time, but still faster than most casinos, a good selection of slot machines and the return on them is not worse, in short, the name of the casino speaks for itself)) I recommend at least go to the site

Spin Samurai Casino user review

Read more
• 13 hours ago
Deposited and played with the welcome bonus, the €200 was gone in a few minutes with no chance of winning, I don’t think I have to say more here, everyone can form their own opinion, but I definitely cannot recommend this casino.

EDIT 11/30/2022 - I tried to contact the live chat and they wouldn't help me. Here is just a small excerpt from the chat:
It seems that you didn't have much luck, and sadly we are unable to add any other bonuses at the moment since you were given many bonuses for your deposit.

Why are you answering here if you don't mean it seriously? Because it looks good? Maybe it should show that you are trying? But you're not, nobody wanted to check my account. And you didn't meet me in any way.

EDIT 12/08/2022
I have changed my rating to 4 stars. The reason for this is the VIP manager Zoey, who is very concerned about me and that is not always a matter of course. Thank you Zoey!

Casino777 BE user review

Read more
• 14 hours ago
The most serious casino online and IRL.
I've know them for a while and sadly didn't play for a while.
I used to be a VIP, and had a very nice manager.
I was able to have my money in cash on one of the casino circus in Belgium.
A very good experience

1win Casino user review

Read more
• 16 hours ago
Good odds on this site, but there are a few downsides. I downloaded the application, received a bonus, but it works strangely. There were several frosts on rates, there were no slots. There are sports broadcasts, including live ones. Esports is not abandoned, it is supported. I withdraw money not for the first time, everyone pays in good faith.

IceCasino user review

• 16 hours ago
It's been 5 months and they still haven't verified my files... I can't withdraw.. I won 4000 and I couldn't withdraw.. after 2 months I played all of them... Still not verified my.. they are tragic.. you don't get an answer in the chat...

Casino7 user review

• 18 hours ago
there phone verfication doesnt work no problems i thought ill ask support wait what support they dont even have a live chat ?????????

Scatterhall Casino user review

• 18 hours ago
How can you be so underground as a new casino, the RTP is definitely below 10%, hardly any chance of winning despite the bonus, I had it blocked straight away, scammer at work

Foggy Star Casino user review

• 19 hours ago
Good casino. Nice bonuses and fast withdraw.

HellSpin Casino user review

• 19 hours ago
Thieves, nothing more. Yet idiots make you out of this or that PLN 4,000. disappeared like a stone in water

Planetwin365 Casino IT user review

• 19 hours ago
depositing is very easy withdrawing is a state treaty I just succeeded after I SWEAR 8 months of sending bills certified alternative identity documents etc

GrandX Online Casino user review

• 20 hours ago
i make few deposits with bonus promotions. in total 1000 eur. loosed it. after few days received cashback and won 2000 eur, casino without problem withdrawed in moment. 5 from 5. thanks :)

TTR Casino user review

• 20 hours ago
i think that 4 stars from 33 reviews are fake. after i registred at this casino i had a lot of problems. after i got balance 800 usd i got banned. and only when i tryed to contact support i got any information.

Betinia Casino user review

• 20 hours ago
i saw Grande2020 review, and i need to say , it is 100 % right. is casino are worst in my expirience, support waste time and you can not pass KYC. i sent and sent everything they asked, but after 4 weeks i loosed all balance ...

PokerStars Casino user review

• 20 hours ago
i deposited 100 eur with my visa card. got 100 eur bonus. After few days playing i made withdraw 1800 eur. 100 eur momentally come to my bank account, and after i uploaded my documents, i received 1700 in about 10 minutes. nice

Fenixbet Casino user review

• 20 hours ago
at the registration procedure you need to upload document. But after about hour i received email from support that they do not want to register my account.

HoldnSpin Casino user review

• 21 hours ago
Casino itself has all the games i like and its easy to navigate but stay away from here if you need to set any limits, there is no limits section

ZotaBet Casino user review

Read more
• 21 hours ago
Very poor casino, initially started with welcome bonus in which I was able to make a greater withdrawal then deposit, after that it was just downhill, within 3 consecutive days of playing I lost a sum off about $800 each day with features that paid no where near what my bet amounts were. I’d recommend not joining zotabet and find that the welcome bonus is a catch to draw you in before leaving you high and dry. Disgusting

RocketPlay Casino user review

• 22 hours ago
Love rocket play always got latest games n great bonuses
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What's new in December 2022

We are constantly improving our casino database, so that we can help you choose reliable casino sites to play at. Here are some changes from the last 30 days.

119 new casinos added to our database
375 updated existing casino reviews
1249 user reviews from community members
892 received complaints about casinos

Why using this list is a smart choice

Up-to-date database of ALL casinos

We didn’t just choose some casinos and decided that they were the best. We regularly go over all active online casinos and pick the best options for our visitors to choose from.

Independent team of 15 reviewers

All casinos in our database have been reviewed and are regularly re-checked by an independent team which doesn’t handle anything else but reviews and complaints.

Data-driven review methodology

Each review is conducted in the same way, following our exact methodology, to make sure that they are not biased or influenced by anything else but the casinos’ actual qualities.

50+ testers from 20+ countries

Our casino lists are used by players all over the world, and we want to make sure that everybody gets the best possible recommendations. Our testers help us with that.

Fair gambling as a priority

We treasure fair gambling and want to recommend only casinos which share this value. That’s why the top positions in this list are reserved for honest online casinos.

Results validated by 2+ million annual visitors

We listen to the feedback of our visitors from all around the world and use it to make our website, including this list of casinos, as good as it possibly can be.

107602 hours

already spent by our review team to create this casino database

More about our team

Which casinos are listed first and why?

A casino can be great for players from one part of the world and terrible for other players. That’s why we’ve created a custom casino ranking relevant for players from Virginia, which consists of our evaluation of each casino on a global level, as well as custom factors important for players in Virginia.



Local factors
for Virginia

  • Do players complain about this casino?

    Complaints tell us how each casino treats its players. If many players complain about unfair practices, we know that something is most likely wrong.

  • How big are the casino’s revenues?

    Casinos with more active players and higher revenues will not struggle to pay out big wins, so we generally consider them to be a safer choice.

  • Does the casino have fair T&Cs?

    We carefully read the Terms and Conditions of each casino to determine if they are fair towards players and don’t contain deceitful or potentially harmful clauses.

  • Does the casino appear on some blacklists?

    If we find a casino on some blacklists, we warn our visitors and consider each of them separately to determine how we should alter our reputation rating.

  • What about other casinos related to this one?

    Not all casinos operate individually. Many of them are a part of a bigger group of related casinos. For these, we also reflect the related casinos in our reputation rating.

Local factors
for Virginia
  • Does the casino welcome players from Virginia?

    It only makes sense for us to recommend you casinos which accept players from Virginia. That’s why this is the most important local factor that goes into the rating.

  • Can players from Virginia easily deposit and withdraw money?

    Not all payment methods are available and popular in all countries. We know which methods are used by players from Virginia and favor casinos which support them.

  • Is English language supported?

    It’s no surprise that people prefer playing in the language they understand most. That’s why the support of English language is an important factor we consider.

  • Is it easy for players from Virginia to start playing at this casino?

    The registration and first deposit can be very tiring at some casinos and for players from some countries. This also influences our rating for Virginia.

  • What did our testers say?

    We work with testers from all over the world to make sure that we are able to recommend great casinos to players from all countries, including Virginia.

5 things to know before playing in online casinos


Pay close attention when choosing an online casino

Choosing a good online casino is one of the most important steps when you want to start playing casino games for real money online. There are reputable casinos which treat players well, but there are also casinos which do everything they can to exploit them. It’s crucial that you pick a good one, which is exactly where our list of best online casinos comes in helpful.

All online casinos have a mathematical advantage against players. Casinos rely on this advantage to make a profit, but some of them go even further and use unfair practices to increase this advantage beyond the one provided by the house edge. We inspect each casino in detail, so that we can recommend casinos which behave fairly towards players.

There are also other factors which go into determining whether a casino is a good choice for you. You can read more about this in our article about how to choose an online casino.

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Use your own details to create an account

It’s also crucial for you to use your own personal information and make sure that everything you enter when creating an account is correct and truthful. Casinos always check the identity of players when they want to make their first withdrawal (at latest), so you won’t be able to withdraw money from a casino if you use incorrect details.

The vast majority of casinos trigger a so-called KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure when a player wants to make their first withdrawal. This involves checking players’ identity cards, passports, or other documents, so there really isn’t any sensible way to go around having to use your own personal details to gamble online.

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Consider whether taking a bonus is a good choice for you

Although casino bonuses are tempting as they give you more money to play with, they are not always the best choice. There are always rules you have to follow when playing with bonus money, which can be quite restrictive and often make it very difficult to actually withdraw money after taking a bonus. We believe that players are sometimes better off playing without a bonus than with it.

Here are some examples of rules commonly associated with bonus play:

  1. Wagering requirements – You have to play with bonus money and wager a predetermined amount of money before you can withdraw your winnings from bonus play. These are generally so high, that you are very likely to lose everything before you meet them, which is what casinos rely on to stay profitable.
  2. Maximum conversion – Even if you manage to meet the wagering requirements, there might be a ‘maximum conversion’ rule in place, which limits how much you can actually win from a bonus. This rule is most commonly used with no deposit bonuses, where we understand and tolerate its use, but we are against using the maximum conversion rule with deposit bonuses (at least some of them, depending on other bonus conditions).
  3. Maximum bet – When playing with bonus money, you can’t place any bets you want to. You are required to follow the maximum bet rule and never place higher-than-allowed bets.
  4. Restricted games – You also can’t just play any games you want. Some games are restricted, and you need to stay away from them when playing with bonus money.

We’re not saying casino bonuses are always bad. That just wouldn’t be true. We just want you to be aware of all conditions which are in place for each specific bonus before deciding whether taking it a good choice for you or not.

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Deposit money only using payment methods held in your own name

The payment methods (bank accounts, cards, internet wallets) you use to deposit money into your casino account should be yours and held in your own name. Using someone else’s card, bank account, or wallet can lead to a permanent account closure and can be used as a reason for not paying out winnings.


Play wisely and know when to stop and withdraw money if you win

It’s important you understand that gambling is not a way to make money. You can get lucky and win in the short term, but don’t expect to systematically win money by playing casino games. If you get lucky and hit a nice win, withdraw your money, because you will lose it sooner or later if you keep playing. Also, remember that gambling addiction is a serious issue, so play safely and seek help if your gambling starts getting out of hand.

Casinos always have an advantage, but you can play in a smart way to minimize it and give the house as little edge as possible. Some games are better than others from the mathematical point of view, but you should always remember that you will be playing at a disadvantage regardless of what you do. You can explore this further by reading our article about games of chance.

From the perspective of safe and responsible gambling, it’s important to remember that gambling addiction has the power to destroy lives, so you should approach gambling as something that is potentially harmful. Read our article with tips on how to gamble safely and explore our problem gambling section for more information about gambling addiction, how to diagnose it and how to overcome it in case it develops.

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Most important factor: your country of residence

As mentioned above, the list of casinos you can see on this page has already been optimized for your country, which is based on the IP address from which you are accessing our website. To view online casinos that accept players from another country, you can use the ‘For players from’ filter above or change your country preferences.

You can find selected countries with some information about each of them below, allowing you to easily discover good online casinos if you happen to be from one of the listed countries.

United Kingdom

Players from the United Kingdom can choose from a big number of great casinos, with one of the best gambling licensing authorities (UK Gambling Commission) governs all gambling activities in the country. You can check out our list of UK online casinos, or dedicated websites like casinometer.co.uk or kingcasinobonus.co.uk which specialize in casinos and casino bonuses for UK players.


Gambling in Italy is legal and regulated from 2011, when a new gambling law has been introduced. Italian players can browse online casinos and casino bonuses right here on Casino Guru, either in English, or by visiting the version of our website localised for the Italian market available at casinoguru-it.com.


The Greek gambling market is strongly influenced by the country's intention to keep the state-run OPAP a monopoly, which, however, violates EU laws. Greece's gambling laws are being amended and it's expected that other online casinos will be able to get official Greek licenses again. Greek players can find relevant online casinos on gr.casino.guru.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic has introduced a new Gambling Act back in 2017, which governs all online gambling operators who wish to legally target Czech players. Players from Czech Republic can find relevant online casinos on the Czech version on Casino Guru available at kasinoguru-cz.com. Alternatively, there is dedicated website providing an overview of online casinos with the official Czech license available at licencovanakasina.cz.


Tipos, a state-operated company, used to be the only legal option for Slovak players. However, after changing the regulations, new companies entered the Slovak online gambling market, giving players more options to choose from. You can find the full list of online casinos with a Slovak license on Casino Guru when accessing it from Slovakia, or on a dedicated website for Slovak players oficialnekasina.sk.

No deposit bonuses for players from Virginia

Top recommended no deposit bonuses for players from Virginia

Prism Casino Logo
Prism Casino
6.6/10 Good reputation
Club Player Casino Logo
Club Player Casino
6.9/10 Good reputation
Goxbet Casino Logo
50 FREE SPINS on 2021 Hit Slot by Endorphina
Goxbet Casino
7.8/10 Good reputation
Cool Cat Casino Logo
Cool Cat Casino
6.9/10 Good reputation
Shazam Casino Logo
Shazam Casino
8.6/10 Very good reputation
Slot Madness Casino Logo
Slot Madness Casino
7.0/10 Good reputation
High Noon Casino Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
High Noon Casino
9.2/10 Perfect reputation
Heaps O Wins Casino Logo
120 FREE SPINS on Doragon's Gems
Heaps O Wins Casino
6.4/10 Questionable reputation
ClubWorld Casinos Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
ClubWorld Casinos
9.1/10 Perfect reputation
Las Atlantis Casino Logo
45 FREE SPINS on Cash Bandits 3
Las Atlantis Casino
8.9/10 Very good reputation

Latest no deposit bonuses for players from Virginia

Heaps O Wins Casino Logo
120 FREE SPINS on Doragon's Gems
Heaps O Wins Casino
04 Dec 2022
Planet 7 Casino Logo
Planet 7 Casino
24 Oct 2022
Funclub Casino Logo
Funclub Casino
21 Sep 2022
CandyLand Casino Logo
80 FREE SPINS on Juicy Jewels Unified
CandyLand Casino
03 Sep 2022
ClubWorld Casinos Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
ClubWorld Casinos
24 Aug 2022
High Noon Casino Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
High Noon Casino
24 Aug 2022
Lucky Red Casino Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
Lucky Red Casino
24 Aug 2022
Aladdin's Gold Casino Logo
100 FREE SPINS on Aladdin's Wishes
Aladdin's Gold Casino
24 Aug 2022
Kats Casino Logo
Kats Casino
20 Aug 2022
Ozwin Casino Logo
25 FREE SPINS on Witchy Wins
Ozwin Casino
07 May 2022

Frequently asked questions

Which online casino is the best?

It’s impossible to pick one casino as the best choice for everyone. As each player has different needs and preferences, the best online casino for one player might be a terrible choice for someone else.

That said, we’ve reviewed thousands of casinos to find out how they treat their players, and then considered local factors for each country with the help of local testers. Casinos are then ordered from best to worst based on our findings, so you should be able to find your best pick near the top of this list.

Can I win money in an online casino?

All casino games have a certain house edge, which means the casino always has an advantage. You can, however, get lucky and hit a win despite the unfavorable odds.

That said, if you keep playing, you are much more likely to end up with a loss than with a profit. If you manage to win, we advise you to withdraw your money, because you will certainly lose if you keep wagering your money over and over again.

We have seen many players who managed to win tens of thousands of euros and then gradually lost all of it during the next few days or weeks (or even faster) because they kept playing and didn’t withdraw their winnings. That’s why we recommend players to be smarter than that and take their winnings if they get lucky and win. And it always helps to play in reputable online casinos.

Is it safe to play in online casinos?

There are reputable online casinos, but there are also casinos with bad intentions. If you choose an honest and reputable casino to play at, you can be pretty much sure that you will be treated well, and your winnings will be paid out to you unless you really do something against the rules.

However, if you play at a casino with a bad reputation, it’s much more likely that you will run into issues, e.g. casino looking for excuses not to pay out your winnings, etc. That’s why we stress the importance of casino selection as much as we do.

Are games in online casinos fair?

All casino games give the casino a certain statistical advantage (house edge), so you are more likely to lose money than to win. However, if you think that casinos manipulate games to give them an even bigger advantage than the advertised house edge, that’s not the case. Casino games are operated by the company which created them, not by the casino itself, so the casino can’t influence the outcome of game rounds at all.

The only exception to this are fake games, which are created to resemble other original games, but with a different set of payouts and probabilities. Fake games are generally used by dishonest online casinos to trick players and increase their profits, but you will not find them at any casino which has a good rating from us. If we discover fake games at a casino during the review process, we decrease the casino’s rating and warn our visitors.

How can I find a casino which I can trust?

The best way to find a trustworthy online casino is to pick a big online casino with a large number of players and big revenues, which we’ve given a high reputation rating. Large casinos are generally safer for players, because they have big revenues which allow them to easily pay out players even if they win really big. And if a casino was rated well by our review team, it means it generally treats its players fairly and doesn’t try to trick them.

Either way, we advise you to read our full review before starting to play at any casino to learn everything you need to know to decide whether it’s a good choice for you or not.

Which devices are supported by online casinos?

Most online casinos can be accessed using pretty much any device with an internet connection and a browser. There are still some casinos which are not optimized for mobile devices, but their number is, fortunately, getting smaller and smaller. Major computer operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and popular types of mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets) are generally supported.

If you plan to gamble using a mobile device and want to make sure the casino you choose supports it, use the ‘Mobile-friendly casinos’ filter above or go to our dedicated list of mobile online casinos.

What currencies are supported in online casinos?

Available currencies you can play in usually depend on which countries each casino targets. Major currencies like US Dollar, Euro and Pound Sterling are supported in most casinos, but many online gambling sites also support less common ones. To make sure you can gamble in your preferred currency, use the ‘Currency’ filter above.

Some online casinos also allow players to deposit in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. You can browse these using the ‘Bitcoin/crypto casinos’ filter above, or by going to our separate page with the list of best Bitcoin and crypto casinos.

Which online casino has the best payouts?

This is quite a common myth in the gambling industry. The payout ratio (RTP) is not influenced by the casino you play at, but by the games you play. Generally speaking, if you play the same game at two different casinos, your chances of winning are the same, at least if we ignore factors like bonuses, promotional offers, etc.

It’s also true that some game providers create their games in multiple configurations from which the casinos can choose the one with their preferred RTP, your payouts generally depend on your game selection and style of play, not on your casino of choice.

12,200 Casino Games to play for free

Let's recap: The best online casino for players from Virginia

Drake Casino
Very Good Casino reputation
300% up to $2,000
1st deposit bonus |
9.8 Rating for players from Virginia
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