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• 4 days ago
Deposit, Deposit, Deposit over 15 times... Lost on all. This casino has the tightest slots on the net.. Look at their other sister related casinos. They have the highest score out of all of them. I would give them the lowest. What a waist of time and my money! Player Beware!
  • Scam casino
  • Slots are rigged
  • 60x rollover bonuses
• 1 week ago
They have a nice selection of games and high bonuses. The only thing that bothers me is the 10x max cash out of your deposit. So if you deposit $200 and the max cash out is 10x then you can cash out $2000 but you really can;t because on a wire transfer the max is $999. So your next withdrawal will be delayed and you will end up playing your balance. Happened to me. I also noticed that a lot of games the reels keep spinning for almost a minute and the stop button doesn;t stop them. The strange thing is the spinning reels does this while playing with real money but not on fun mode. I complained about this several times with no resolution. I believe the games are rigged!
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  • High Bonuses
  • Nice selection of games
  • over spinning reels
  • Tight slots
  • 10x max cash out of deposit
• 2 weeks ago
The worst of the worst. No communication. Player Beware!
• 4 weeks ago
I won a few times but nothing to celebrate about. The wins were less than half of my deposits. Very hard to win a big amount here. Games are rigged. Within the last month I made a deposit and my credit card company flagged this charge. There were 2 charges, same amount, same day, same time, same minute with 2 different descriptors. A Fraudulent charge! My CC company stopped it. I contacted them and asked them who these 2 different descriptors are. I got no answer. I closed my account. I will never deposit here again. Fraudsters! They make their own rules. They have an Unverifiable License.
Player beware!
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  • Double Charges
  • Very difficult to win
  • Slots tight
  • very unfair
  • Unverifiable License
• 2 months ago
Deposit after deposit on the slots.. Lose lose lose. Slots very tight. No fun or excitement. Lost yesterday for the last time. Boring slots at this casino. Find another place to play. Don't deposit here you will lose! Casino operates without an official license.
  • Very hard to win
  • no free chips
  • no comp points
  • no cash back
  • 10% bonuses
  • slots machines don't give back a penny
  • Boring place to play
  • Casino operates without an official license
• 5 months ago
I already lost 3 times in 3 days. I found the slots tight not giving back anything. Their RTG games are limited. A lot of games are missing. They do not have a downloadable version. My limit is 5 times loss. It took me several emails for them to finally close my account. They kept on offering me $30 chips?? to stay...what is $30 going to get you?
  • online chat not always unavailable.
  • $5 bet maximum with a bonus.
  • Small revenue casino
• 6 months ago
I am not much of a sports betting person. I like the slots here especially in the live black casino. A lot of fun to play when you hit it right. Just figuring out when to play could be challenging.
  • Nice selection of slots games
  • Fast payouts after 7 day waiting period
• 7 months ago
I gave zero Stars. Good luck if you join. I was a member awhile back. Lost a bunch of money. The slots were tight and didn't play back at all. I closed my account with them. The other day I received a call from a person who claimed to be my account manager. He said he has a 700% bonus for me to try and win. So i contacted customer service and re-opened my account. Before I made a deposit I noticed a scrolling recent winners box with huge wins some players had on there home page. Wins like 31,000, 16,000, etc. I contacted customer service and I asked them how is it possible to win that kind of money here when your casino rules are max cash out is 10x of the deposit. I asked this a dozen times to the same customer service person and I got no answer. I decided to play anyway so I made a deposit with 700% and started playing late afternoon. The slots were tight as usual. no return and i was losing already. Then I hit a good round on a game called Fruit Zen and I was up to 1950.00 in my account. From that win things changed and all the slots died. Almost like someone was controlling my game play. By 10 pm 6 hours of playing I lost again. A waist of my time and money. scam casino. Player Beware!
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• 7 months ago
Joined a few months ago. Deposit after deposit after deposit. The slots do not pay at all. Your money doesn't last and there is no return to keep your gameplay going. I invested over $1000 and that's over my limit. Find a better casino.