Roulette strategies

Other strategies for playing roulette

Tracking numbers

Another commonly used strategy is keeping track of the numbers that appear in a game of roulette. For instance, a player might tell himself that if a black number hits five consecutive times, it will not do so a sixth time, and so he bets on it.

All such strategies are easily refutable by stating that individual spins of roulette are independent events, meaning that a history of numbers past doesn't influence what will appear in the future.

If someone claims the opposite, they ought to provide a rational explanation of why it isn't so. For example, that the wheel has been tampered with (but who would want to play in such conditions?), or that the roulette has some kind of mystical memory. Physically, the fact is that the previous location of a ball can't influence the results of a future round.

Mathematically ideal strategy for playing roulette

The strategy yielding the safest bet and best risk to winnings ratio is surprisingly the simplest one. Statistically, you will lose 2.7% of your bet in European roulette. In order to lose the least therefore, you have to bet the least. Clearly, best strategy is not to play roulette at all!

The second ideal strategy is also based on minimizing bets. One beautiful thing about roulette is that you alone choose your level of risk, based on whether you bet on colour, number, or something else entirely. If you bet, win, and then place your winnings on another bet, you will statistically lose more than you need to. The best strategy is therefore:

  1. You determine how much money you are willing to lose.
  2. You determine how much in winnings you will need to be satisfied.
  3. You bet all your money in one round so that you can win the exact amount you will be satisfied with.

For example, if you have $100 in your pocket and want to leave with $900, you bet your money on a corner bet in one round. The probability of achieving this is relatively fair (compare 10.81% to the fair 11.11%).

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