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Spintwix: “Streaming has become an ambassador for RG in casinos”

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Roy Spintwix

Roy AKA Spintwix is one of the most influential streamers in the casino industry. His website, CasinoRing, has gained prominence with thousands of fans who are now actively watching, but they are also some of the most educated people when it comes to how online casinos learn, how core concepts such as RTPs affect their winnings, and why playing responsibly is so important. Part of this is owing to Spintwix dedicated effort to create an ecosystem of players who are always informed about new games, casino trends, and responsible betting patterns. Spintwix sets a good example on camera himself and hopes that this stick with the community as well.

Q: Spintwix, you have been one of the most prominent streamers in the iGaming space. In fact, you may have very much helped slot streaming become what it is today. Can we start a bit by telling our readers what your project, CasinoRing, does and why it should matter to players?

Well, first of all thank you for the compliment, it has been a crazy few years, we started CasinoRing after seeing the need and passion of players wanting to show off their big wins on stream so we came up with a concept of a social platform that will attend to that need, in time it became a "safe" environment for the community to share their big wins along with special and private moments of their life without being judged, a place where many people share the same passion for gambling if you are a 0.1€ or 1000€ a spin player you will get a positive reaction to your "hobby" by others with the same interest in gambling.

Q: CasinoRing and your brand in general have been associated with building and establishing trust with slot fans, as well as adding value. This means answering some tough questions. We all know that the business of casinos is to make money – why do you think people still come back to play and enjoy slots?

In general, I have always stated that gambling is way and a sort of entertainment and should always be looked at as such, many people that do have a problem will watch streams not to gamble and we put a lot of emphasis on responsible gambling, and even as a streamer I had to take breaks when the loses were too big, we established very clear guidelines on CasinoRing that if a player develops gambling issues we direct him to all the places he can get help to control it.

The main thing that we care about is to provide the players with the best offers and casinos, aiming at unique and exclusive offers, part of our ideology is: we can’t tell people to gamble or not but we can provide them with the safest places to do so and provide the information and educations to play online to minimalize the risks and that is why we keep a very good personal connection with pour partners to help in these cases if we can.

Q: Having been involved with streaming for so long, have you seen casinos’ interaction with players evolve and what role has streaming played in this? Are players better informed as a result of streaming today, for example? Are they better protected in terms of responsible gambling thanks to streaming?

That’s a very good question, in my opinion, streaming has allowed players to experience and to be exposed to a much bigger environment of gambling, in the past people used to play alone, mostly because there was and still is a big taboo on gambling, streaming allows players to interact with people who share the same interests and exchange similar experiences if it’s about the quality of a casino and being exposed to new games and providers, they can get answers from others or from the streamer. What I see on my stream are much more educated players asking about T&C of a casino, wager and even RTP a thing that I think most players are not aware of and don’t understand the importance of.

Being educated when playing in an online casino changes the experience in my opinion so much, if you read the complaints about casinos online you will see that most of them would have been avoided if the player was more knowledgeable and knew the right questions to ask before playing, a very big added value if you have a streamer you trust and you believe is honest, he will give you the answers you need and if he does not have the answers he will ask and find out for the next time.

I have to add a point here that is in my opinion very important, I always tell my players always ask questions and it’s OK to doubt casinos and streamers in the industry, if a streamer refuses to answer questions, his heart might be in the wrong place.
Good streamers, real streamers stream for the love of their community and the passion of the "game", if it’s for 2000 viewers and if it’s 10 is doesn’t matter.

Q: What is the net benefit to players who engage with slot streaming and what do you think your responsibility as a streamer towards the players is?

Players who watch streams can gain access to information other players online can’t, they don’t even need to interact, just by watching they will be exposed to new things that they didn’t even think to look at or ask.

On top of that, I’m a part of a community and as such I get the support I as a player, for someone who experiences a lot of ups and downs in a more intense manner just from the frequency of my time playing that helps a lot, people supports during the cold run and super happy for the big wins, it’s ama amazing feeling being part of something like that.

People have been watching me for years and I feel I know them very well and they know me very well this connection "forces" me to be as responsible as possible towards them, I will never suggest a player to do something that will risk his money, and I will do what I can to warn him if needed and of course as I mentioned, if someone even suggests he is developing a gambling problem I will direct him to all the right tools and even say that if streams make you want to gamble don’t watch.

I said it many times and I stand behind it, this is a form of entertainment if it affects your mood for an unreasonable amount of time for bad or even for good it’s not the right thing for you.

Q: Do you think slot streaming is only getting started, or has a maturity date been reached?

If you ask me, I think the peak was two years ago, when streaming was a bit "purer".
In the past 99% of the streamers used real money now it’s the other way around, something that probably was caused by over-regulations by governments and even Twitch itself, along with fake money taking over the streaming world I can only hope it will correct itself along the way. As long as I can do what I love I will be here doing it.

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05 Jun 2023
7 min. read
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