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Casino Guru Awards “Voice of the People” voting underway

CASINO GURU 09 Dec 2022
2 min. read

Voice of the People

Casino Guru is happy to announce that the "Voice of the People" category for the upcoming Casino Guru Awards is now available to vote on. Players can choose their favorite brands from all shortlisted companies on the official website and back them with a vote.

The Voice of the People category focuses solely on your choice of the best company, with the winner announced during the inaugural online ceremony for the Casino Guru Awards in February. The winner is determined solely by the public without any intervention from the judges. You are free to pick from any of the shortlisted candidates from all six categories that are part of the event, to name:

To vote for a company you like, simply go to the Voice of the People section on the Casino Guru Awards website and nominate your favorite. Casino Guru has made the process of nominating a preferred company as straightforward as you can imagine.

Go to "Choose the Company You Are Nominating For" and pick one of the candidates from the dropdown list. Enter your name and email and let Casino Guru know how you heard about the project. The Voice of the People category allows people to vote multiple times, but only one vote every day will be counted. Press the "Vote" button to submit your nomination and voilà. We hope to see you during the online ceremony in February.

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09 Dec 2022
2 min. read
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