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Fraudulent practices in roulette

Have you ever searched the internet for simple instructions for getting rich? If you have, you almost certainly have come across fraudulent websites about roulette. Websites promising hundreds of euros per hour without any risk involved and with a strategy that works 99,9% of the time, against which online casinos are powerless. In this article, I will try to prove to you that by applying the strategy of doubling bets (according to Martingale) you will not get rich as promised by the website, with pictures of big houses and fast cars, claiming that they won it all in roulette.

Summary of Martingale strategy

Strategy itself is very simple. For example, say you bet 1€ on red and the winning colour was black. Then, you bet 2€ on red and the winning colour was black. Last, you bet 4€ on red and the winning colour was red. So, you won 8€, and your total bet was only 7€ (4€+2€+1€), which is a profit of 1€! Now you are ready to be a millionaire!

Not exactly. By using the Martingale strategy, your bets are increasing at an alarming rate. Soon, your bet and your risk are disproportionately high, while profit from the sequence remains the same. In addition, the bet size on every game of roulette is limited by a minimum and a maximum bet. So, in reality you can´t raise your bets endlessly. Even if it was possible, would you really be willing to come to a casino with hundreds of thousands of Euros just to earn some change?

At the same time, your chance of winning by using the Martingale strategy is reduced significantly by the number of spins, so the longer you play, the higher the chances of losing it all - your deposit, including your "profits".

Example of betting in practice

Let's say, that we want to try this miraculous strategy and we have 1023€ available, which we are willing to lose. With such a starting budget and a first bet of 1€, we are able to place exactly 10 bets. Their size is set out by this strategy, as follows: 1€, 2€, 4€, 8€, 16€, 32€, 64€, 128€, 256€, 512€. If we lost 10 bets in a row, we would then lose a total of 1023€. After each winning sequence, our bank would grow by 1€. What are our chances for success?

The propability of losing 10 bets in a row is 1/1024, which is also 0,510 x100% =0,097%. This does not depend on whether all this time you bet on the same colour, or whether you choose a colour randomly everytime. This probability would be right if there was no zero in roulette, but because there is at least one zero on each roulette, the probability of losing is (19/37)10 x100%=0.127%.

If you spin the roulette wheel only 10 times, the chance of not losing all 10 spins and therefore, the chance of winning 1€ is (100% - 0.127%) = 99.873%. This is quite a good chance of winning, but what will happen if you continue playing? The probability of winning two series in a row is 99.873%2 =99,746%. Only a small decrease of chance so far. But still you would be risking 1023€ to win only 2€. So let's play even further: in the table below you will find an overview of chances for success, the number of winning series, and a probability of losing 1023€, with 10 bets in a row.

Number of winning series Chance for success Probability of losing 1023€
1 99.873% 0.127%
2 99.746% 0.254%
5 99.366% 0.634%
25 96.873% 3.127%
100 88.066% 11.934%
200 77.557% 22.443%
545 50.028% 49.972%
1000 28.061% 71.939%
2000 7.874% 92.126%
5000 0.174% 99.826%
10000 0.0003% 99.9997%

In the table you can see one interesting fact highlighted: the number of series 545. With this number, your chance of success is approximately 50:50. If the strategy was fair, by risking 1023€ we would expect the same amount of profit. But the table clearly shows that by using this strategy you are risking 1023€, while your potential profit is only 545€. In addition, you would play 1,090 rounds of roulette on average, which can mean 8-15 hours of play.

In the table you can also see a sharp decline of the chance for success and an increase in the probability of losing. The probability that your starting budget of 1023€ will win you at least 5000€, is less than 2%. It is over 99% sure that by using the Martingale strategy, you will sooner or later lose all your money.

This strategy is a perfect way for convincing unexperienced players to register at a casino and lose their money, with nearly 100% certainty. Scammers earn easy, high commissions for referring such losing players.

Why is it so easy to fall for roulette scams?

It is probaly because when you try the Martingale strategy, it will work like a charm in the short term. If you are lucky, this strategy will last a couple hours, maybe a couple days ... until you lose everything - your deposit and your "profits" as well. If a player wins in any casino game, this winning feeling will blind him so much, that he believes he can never lose again. He believes that maybe he is someone special, that he has a lucky day, or that he has just found a way to increase his chances for winning. He is unaware though, that in the long term, the bankruptcy of every player on any casino game is inevitable.

So, don't be ensnared! Don't make roulette a thing it can never be - a dream money machine. In reality, it certainly is, but never for those who play it, only for those who own it.

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