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1 week ago huan789aa
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1 week ago is not a legitimate gambling platform at all. The first time I played, I deposited $200 to bet on NBA games and won $600. When I tried to withdraw my winnings, it did not arrive in a timely manner. Several hours later, I contacted customer service and was told that it would arrive within 48 hours. However, even after 48 hours had passed, the money still hadn't arrived.

When I logged back into my account, there was a notification saying that second-level KYC verification was required before funds could be withdrawn. After completing the verification as requested and attempting to withdraw again, my account was frozen the next day.

Despite sending emails to resolve this issue, they have not replied; it appears that this company is completely illegitimate.

It has been almost two weeks since then; although the amount lost is not much but this situation wasted several weeks of time and energy only to ultimately lose the initial deposit of $200. This company is truly a big scam.

huan789aa 1 week ago

Hello huan789aa,

I see you only mention playing sports betting in your post. Did you also gamble in this casino? I'm asking you because we don't handle things related to sports betting. We don't understand it 🙂 But if it was a problem with gambling, we would certainly be happy to help you. You can make a complaint about your problem. I recommend you also our guide about complaints. It may happen that we will reject it to you due to sports betting, but nothing else can happen :). We are not doing sports betting because we are currently mainly focusing on gambling. Sports betting would involve a huge expansion of our team. Different kinds of specialists, testers and so on. 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend. ☀️

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