Forum Slots It is NOT!! An RNG that controls the slot you play😡

It is NOT!! An RNG that controls the slot you play😡

3 weeks ago nigeljc
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3 weeks ago

I have been playing slots for 5yrs now as FACT!! It is not a RNG that controls slots it is an algorithm that 1 prevents you from winning to much and 2 even more sinister is the FACT that when you reach a certain total the algorithm changes the RTP so low all you get is dead spins and lousy bonuses if you get any at all. I could show you my playing history from the past month to prove it is a FACT what I’m saying. So beware that the chances are you unless very lucky are being SCAMMED!!😡😡😡😡

nigeljc 3 weeks ago

Hello nigeljc,

I'm sure that we have already discussed this subject. It's difficult to comment on the profitability of slots in general. 🙁

I can confirm that some game providers allow casinos to alter the RTP, however.

nigeljc 2 weeks ago

I have just closed my account at 2 casinos that’s my lot They are Rigged Fixed BENT😡😡😡 Goodbye forever to bad S**T!!

1 week ago

I'm sorry to hear that.


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