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1 month ago CG99
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CG99 3 days ago

Yes i use pay often as i can Starpoker..payes back so in few days..its also gives the let them stay there..

3 days ago

Hi..i use pay pal..also on Star is quickly..on the account..few days..and you do not need to give your credit card..i feel its safe

2 days ago

it depends on where you are!! I personally use PayPal but I heard that some people don't find it convenient for the countries that they are in. With that, I suggest that one really makes their time to learn more about the best ones on their area. that way, they can have their winnings without any problem.

2 days ago

Are PayPal and Skrill actually subject to transaction fees?

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Despite the inferiority, Skrill is in the best percentage of online casinos. For example, Paypal offers 25 currencies to deposit and withdraw your money, while Skrill guarantees that you can receive and pay money in 41 currencies. More likely to use skrill.

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EzekielZambrano yesterday

I'm wondering, do you have any issues with using Skrill for gambling in Spain? Are there any restrictions?

22 hours ago

After doing some research I found out that PayPal does charge some fees. But that seems like the only downside, according to this article: PayPal for online gambling the reliability gives you a certainty that you are dealing with a common payment provider. Personally, I prefer to pay a little fee in exchange for certainty. How do you guys think about that?

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