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VulkanVegas - so far negative experience

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Hello dear Casino - Guru Team,

So far I have unfortunately had a very negative impression of the VulkanVegas Casino.

It starts like this:

€ 20 deposited

(KYC, Known your customer) Check passed! You will also receive the confirmation by email. (They really wanted a lot of documents, including a selfie with a personal ID, I'm not used to that from other casinos, Trustly and everything is verified, mostly.)

€ 126 successfully paid out (was transferred to my account)

I thought to myself, the casino is really nice, let's put a few bullets in there.

€ 50 deposited lost

€ 50 deposited lost

€ 100 deposited lost

€ 200 deposited lost

€ 250 deposited (last bullet for that day)

Played up to € 2230 and requested to be paid out.

The next day

If my payment was canceled with a standard mail, I should verify my account with the KYC test.

Uploaded a total of 10 documents (since I passed the KYC TEST for the first time) including money in and out of my account, including transfers to the casino itself.

Incidentally, € 63.13 was successfully paid out of my first € 20 deposit (was transferred to my account.)

I absolutely do not understand where the problem is here, especially since I have enough money and of course only play with money that I can wipe off my nose if I lose it.

Long back and forth in the chat determined 10 "different" support agents

Current status according to chat: Source of Wealth check is under review. Can take "days". Payout of 2230 € usually also 5 days.

I'm not very convinced of this casino, even with my last deposit of € 250 I had to make ~ € 500 bets after I had increased to € 2100,

otherwise the casino will deduct a 20% commission from the balance. Fortunately, despite 100 x € 4.50 spins stakes, I got stuck at € 2230.

Got two very high multiplier bonuses in Dead or Alive 2 and both paid almost nothing. (A rogue who thinks bad).

It seems to me as if extra, arbitrary stones are placed in the way so that I should trip over them and continue to gamble so that I lose the money. Chicane in the payout now seems to be added.

For me an absolutely negative experience and incomprehensible why this casino has such a positive rating. I've tested a lot of casinos, but this one

Clauses with the terms and conditions seem to outperform all of them in negative respects.

I know relatively little time has passed

I have no other choice now than to wait, I will continue to report. I hope that this check will be completed as soon as possible and that I will receive my money and profit.

The bottom line of this casino

will of course get worse the longer the payout takes and the more stones they want to put in my way.


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6 days ago
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So naturally I honestly and happily announce a new status:

The casino has approved my Source of Wealth test and, according to chat, will pay out the remaining winnings of € 2000 within the next 5 days according to the terms and conditions.

So I am now satisfied for the time being.

If I do not reply, the total amount has been received in full.

have a nice day to all of you who read the text 🙂

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AnonymousMaximus 6 days ago

I sent an email to the casino representative earlier today so it might helped. Anyway, I'm happy for you, congrats! 🙂