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Club Admiral Casino Review

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1.5 out of 5
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Club Admiral casino review

This casino has some good features and is implementing new ideas. Lots of representatives are trying to improve the casino’s image by solving disputes on public forums, which is great, but most players got their money back only because they published their case. Generally, this casino doesn’t treat their players well, and there are still many things to improve upon - starting with getting rid of the fake slots and their problematic license. Because of these reasons, we don’t recommend playing at this casino.

Very Bad
Casino Reputation
This Casino belongs among the worst
  • Tries to dispute complaints publicly
  • No license
7 Years
on market
5,600 Est. Monthly
Very Bad Casino Reputation

Complaints on Club Admiral Casino (1)

We have found as many as 1 following possibly relevant complaints about Club Admiral Casino. That is really poor record for online casino with 5,600 estimated visitors per month which is operating 7 years on the market.

Duplicate account accusation, deposits were paid back. From 2015
Disputed Amount: 30,000 руб Real money
Casino Responded:
  • Small casino targeting Russia
  • Tries to dispute complaints publicly
  • No license
  • Fake copies of Novomatic games

Club Admiral online casino review

Club Admiral Casino was founded in 2011. As with many others, this casino uses a white label solution from a company called Novolux Services Limitada. The casino website refers to Fabisony Limited, and uses the same affiliate program as Azartplay casino (Azartcash affiliate). In the past, Club Admiral was operated by Global Gaming Services Limited, a company which was on several blacklists for unethical behavior, and known to have used fake copies of casino games.

The website only supports Russian language players. License information is missing. Novolux Services Limitada has a license from Costa Rica, which is pretty much the rogue town when it comes to online casinos, and each of their casinos are essentially completely unlicensed and unregulated. Maybe that’s the reason why the casino chose not to publish any details about their license.

After gaming prohibition in Russia, like many online casinos Club Admiral started simultaneously operating on many different web domains, and continues to change them frequently. The casino offers their players a browser plugin which allows them to play in spite of the attempts of the Russian government to block their access to the casino.

Many Russian casinos have fake copies, and Club Admiral Casino is no exception. We found many different casinos with similar names and designs. On many Russian forums, casino representatives publish information about fake copies of Club Admiral casino to warn players. The original casino, as well as the fake casinos, keep changing their web domains, so be careful to note which web domain you are signing up to before registering.

Registration is very easy and can be completed with social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Yandex, etc. for extra convenience. Support operates 24/7, but only in Russian.

Club Admiral casino reputation

During our in-depth research we found out that Club Admiral casino has a similar backstory to Azartplay casino. We found many complaints, especially from 2015, on the payment ratio of slots, which are fake, unlicensed copies of famous slots. Find more about payout ratios here. These games give absolutely no guarantee that the outcome of the spin is based on a fair random number generator, nor that their payout ratio is not manipulated during the session. Club Admiral casino has fake slots in their newest versions, so it is hard to spot the differences between these fakes and the genuine games.

Since 2015, the casino has been publicly reacting to almost every relevant dispute, and always tries to solve any issue, which we consider to be a big plus. We also believe that some of these cases were only solved because players published them.

As an example, check our this complaint where a player tried to withdraw after winning 30000 rubles. The casino didn’t pay him, took all his money from his account and started to blame him, saying he had multiple accounts. The player published his story with chat transcriptions on public forums, and after 9 days the casino returned his money without any explanation.

At almost the same time, another player complained about the long withdrawal process. Casino representatives reacted quickly and solved the problem. We found many similar cases on multiple Russian forums, but in most cases, casino representatives were very helpful and solved the problems.

Unfortunately, Club Admiral casino has predatory Terms of Service, specifically the clause below: "If the administration notices that the player is involved in fraudulent activities, then the user profile is blocked without subsequent payments and compensation." This rule gives the casino the right to block any account anytime if they have any suspicion at all, and in many cases, regular players have been blocked without reason. In these cases, only public disputes brought these cases into the light, and only after casino representatives reacted to disputes were accounts restored. If you do decide to play at this casino, we strongly recommend you read the ToS carefully.

Club Admiral casino withdrawal times

Withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours during working days, and 48 hours over weekends. Accounts may be created in either US dollars or Russian rubles.

Withdrawal limits are: $300/day, $1500/week, $3000/month for players who verified their account by email. For players with confirmed email and mobile phone number the limits are higher: $400/day, $2800/week, $6000/month. One thing we consider unfair is that players who are in profit during their entire history at the casino have significantly lowered maximum withdrawal amounts ($300/$1000/$2000), are forbidden from participating in tournaments, and cannot earn any reward points from playing in the casino.

It is possible to use credit cards to make a deposit, multiple e-wallets and SMS.

Club Admiral casino no deposit bonus code

Club Admiral only offers deposit bonuses. New players can choose between a 100% bonus up to 5000 rubles at 40x wagering requirements, or 70 free spins. The casino has a policy of allowing players to withdraw with no secret rules. We think that this idea is good, but when it’s combined with offering bonuses for fake slots, it is missing the point. Like many other casinos, Club Admiral offers loyalty points for new players, which can be exchanged for real money. During the last three days of the month the exchange rates for loyalty points are a little bit better. These points can be also used to earn naval ranks at the casino, hence ‘Club Admiral’. Each player begins as a sailor and with enough points, players can earn admiral rank. With higher ranks, loyalty exchange rates are better. At the beginning of each month, all player ranks are reset to sailor, so everybody has a chance each month to climb the ranks.

The casino offers free spins as a seasonal bonus, depending on current events. Sometimes the casino even offers free spins without wagering requirements, but still usually on fake slots, where there is no guarantee of the payout ratio.

Club Admiral Casino Popularity

Club Admiral games

Club Admiral casino offers almost the same games as Azartplay casino. They have same affiliate program and similar rules. The casino offers more than 150 slots, a few variants of roulette, a few variants of poker, baccarat, blackjack and Keno. Like Azartplay, Club Admiral also offers fake copies of slot games, although in this case, it’s the newest versions.

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Owner Novolux Services Limitada
Established 2011
Withdrawal limit 350,000 руб  per month
Safe Amount to Win $10,000
Players from United States
English website
English customer support
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